The Island of Lokrum

I realize I pretty much fell off the bandwagon with these posts, but I want to try to finish them up because I didn’t get to share the best parts of our Croatia trip. If you need a refresher on the important details on this series make sure to check out my introduction to our Croatia trip here.

Anyways, after waking up asininely early to get those oh so important Cosplay in Croatia photos Josh, Kendra, and I went to explore the island of Lokrum while Kelly went diving for the afternoon. Lokrum is an island that is about a twenty minute ferry ride away from Dubrovnik’s port with a lot of fun stuff to do.

The Iron Throne

Let’s be honest, the real reason that we had to do this was because there was a show accurate replica of the Iron Throne donated to Dubrovnik as a thank you present from HBO. Of course, we had to go and get our own photos on the Iron Throne. I even made sure to wear my Khaleesi shirt that day so everyone knows who I’m rooting for to win the game.


We saw more wildlife on this island than anywhere else on our trip, unless you count the stray cats. This island wins though because it is infested with wild bunnies! There were also peacocks, so that’s a bonus too.

The Beach and Bar Buca

Before we left the island, we took our time to go to “the beach” and relax a little bit. The Croatian version of the beach is extremely rocky, but hey, at least I can say we went!

Later that evening we met back up with Kelly and remained in our swimsuits to go to Bar Buca. Dubrovnik has several bars that are outside the city walls built on the cliffs. You enjoy the sunset on the cliffs sipping a Croatian beer, and you can also jump off the cliffs into the water. We actually ended up not doing this because it got really cold out, but we did get a magnificent sunset. 

Would you have loved the wild bunnies as much as I did? Could you have jumped into the icy cold water? Make sure you check out the rest of this blog series since it’s been a while. Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post! 

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