Feature Friday: Opera House Homicide

Something I think most people know about me is that I have a slight obsession with the musical, Phantom of the Opera. This is its 30th year running on Broadway, and I just so happened to go see it at the Peace Center this week. It is for all of these reasons that I feel that my feature this week is so appropriate. Prepare to be amazed by their Phantom cosplays as well as all of their other gloriously perfect musical cosplays.

Erik from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by COTC Photography.

Opera House Homicide

What is your cosplay name? My url is @operahousehomicide.

How did you come about your cosplay name? I came about my cosplay name during a period of change in my life. I was shifting my interests from other musicals and fandoms to primarily Phantom of the Opera, and the username came accordingly. Opera house comes from the Palais Garnier, and homicide implies the Phantom’s presence, and more specifically, his affinity for murder.

What is your real world name? I go by Sawyer.

What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying? I’m a full time nontraditional university student pursuing a major in theatre with a specification in costume tech and design, and on top of working at a craft store I also am starting up a fashion studio, De Chagny Designs.

How old are you? 19, 20 in July.

How long have you been cosplaying? Since 2011, so for seven years now.

What made you want to start cosplaying? I didn’t really have a particularly savory home life when I was younger, and falling into the niche of becoming a favorite character of mine in order to escape reality was a really phenomenal coping mechanism.

Why do you continue to cosplay? I really enjoy the entire process of cosplay; from the initial design and construction of the costume to the recognition and community at conventions. I cosplay because it’s not only fun, and something I’m good at, but something that has helped me realize my dreams – to become a wardrobe supervisor on Broadway – and brought me into contact with my closest friends. I’m going to continue to cosplay because I know it will only bring more positivity and growth into my life.

King George III from Hamilton

What is your dream cosplay? I actually just completed it – Erik’s Masque of Red Death / Mephistopheles costume from the Masquerade / Why So Silent? scene in Phantom of the Opera. I suppose my next dream cosplay is going to be Christine’s Star Princess dress from the same scene.

You obviously have a love for musicals. Where did this originate from? Some of my fondest childhood memories have come from involvement in theatre. I’ve seen several musicals on Broadway and on tour, and attending live productions has always been a favored activity for me. The community of musical theatre lovers is somewhere I’ve always felt at home, and the music itself has always spoken to me.

Erik Unmasked from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Finn the Space Kid.

Tell us about your love for Phantom of the Opera. Phantom is a lovely high gothic romance that has always been my absolute favorite musical. I very strongly identify with Erik – though he may not necessarily be a good role model – and it was the first musical I ever saw on Broadway. The phandom as a community is very mature for the musical theatre fandom world, and I’ve met some of the most important people of my life and been exposed to the most phenomenal experiences due to Phantom. I think I’m always going to be attached to this musical. It has introduced me to so many wonderful things, and I’ll never be able to fail to associate Phantom with those things.

Mask of Red Death from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Finn the Space Kid.

What skill would you like to learn most to improve your cosplay abilities? I’m currently taking classes in costume design and stage tech, because I’m trying to improve my design and construction skills not only for cosplay but for sewing in general.

How do you choose who you will cosplay? I cosplay characters I identify with on some level, as I strongly express my personality through the characters I adore.

Hamilton from Hamilton.

What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far? Why? My favorite cosplay I’ve done so far is my Masque of Red Death Erik. It’s my favorite because I constructed the entire design from scratch in five weeks – a testament to my skill – and it has received a very positive reaction from my followers and the phandom in general. I am so proud of my work on that costume, and learned a lot producing it.

What is your next cosplay you are working on? I’m either going to be making Christine’s Star Princess dress from PotO or Prince Hans from Frozen.

Phantom and Christine, Snows Cosplay, from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by COTC Photography.

What is your next convention? Nashicon.

Who is your favorite cosplayer/ cosplayer you most admire? @pinkupperfect, as all her cosplays are gorgeous and she portrays her characters very well, as well as being kind and patient with her followers.

Erik Unmasked from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Finn the Space Kid.

What’s the hardest thing about cosplay for you? The hardest thing about cosplay for me is budgeting my time. I have a tendency to lack motivation for a project until the very last moment, and always struggle with my time management in preparing costumes.

What is the best advice you have for other cosplayers? You don’t owe anyone anything. This is a hobby meant to be fun! Don’t let other people take that away from you through drama or harassment. The block button is your best friend.

Mask of Red Death from Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Finn the Space Kid.

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Gaston and LeFou, Finn he Space Kid, from Beauty and the Beast.

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