Feature Friday: Kyber Knight Cosplay

It’s Friday! Not only does that mean tomorrow is the weekend, but it also means Feature Friday is upon us again. Today, I’m featuring a friend who came into my life last year, and she is a light in this world. She is also becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cosplay community at a rapid speed. I am so excited to continue to watch her grow her skills. Make sure to read the feature, and follow her social media at the bottom of the post before you go.

Black Canary Photo by COTC Photography

Kyber Knight Cosplay

What is your cosplay name? Kyber Knight Cosplay

How did you come about your cosplay name? Knight is my middle name, and I have always loved stories of knights in shining armor in their epic sword fights where good always triumphs. Stories of King Arthur, and even the current Game of Thrones fascinate me. Kyber is from the crystals the ancient order of the Jedi used to power their lightsabers. I am an avid Star Wars fan, and have always wished I could be a Jedi Knight…hence Kyber Knight Cosplay.

What is your real world name? Lindsay Knight Mullinax

What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying? In my non-cosplay time I enjoy going to the movies and the theater, going out to eat (love me some food), reading comics or sci-fi/ fantasy novels, spending time with friends and family, kick boxing, volunteering, board/card games, and the ever wonderful Netflix.

How old are you? 35

How long have you been cosplaying? I have dabbled since 2012, but really only seriously since July of 2017.

What made you want to start cosplaying? I have loved to dress up ever since I was a child. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I have also always been a geek who was obsessed with Star Wars, He-Man/ She- Ra, Labyrinth, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. as far as I can remember. I knew making my own costumes, and pretending to be my most beloved characters would be an absolute blast…and I was so right!!

Why do you continue to cosplay? It brings me so much joy to create costumes, brainstorm concepts for photo shoots, and seeing it all come to life. It is magical to do a shoot, and be like, “Wow, I did that…I really look like [insert whatever character I am cosplaying]!” Crafting also helps my anxiety, builds my self-confidence and body positivity, helps me to love myself more, and motivates me to stay in shape. I especially love the volunteer aspect where I am able to bring joy to children when I do an event, and they are so overjoyed and overwhelmed to see me. They want hugs and pictures, and it makes my heart so full. My church even had me wear Harley Quinn to our children’s church one Sunday, and the kids absolutely loved it!

What is your dream cosplay? Star Sapphire & Hal Jordan’s GL as a couples cosplay and Jem from Jem & the Holograms.

What skill would you like to learn most to improve your cosplay abilities? I am currently learning to sew, and I really want to learn how to use craft foam to make armor and props. I am also actively looking for a sugar daddy to fund my future cosplays LOL!! J/K!

Bombshell Black Canary photo by Scott Thomason Photography

How has cosplay positively affected your life?  Along with what I said in question #8, I have made some incredible friends who have made such a positive impact on my life. I can’t express how much I love my cos-friends (including you Sadie!!). My life has changed dramatically for the better since I started seriously cosplaying.

What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far? Why? All Star Batman Black Canary—I AM Black Canary! Haha!

What is your next cosplay you are working on? I am currently working on Classic Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern.

What is your next convention? Captain’s Comic Expo

Who is your favorite cosplayer/ cosplayer you most admire? White Knight Cosplay

What’s the hardest thing about cosplay for you? Wearing heels and wigs all day!!! And face paint too!!

Black Canary photo by Scott Thomason Photography

What is the best advice you have for other cosplayers? Don’t compare yourself to other cosplayers, and think they are better than you in any way. We are ALL beautiful and skilled in our own special manner, and everyone started cosplaying knowing nothing. It is just like any other skill…it takes time and practice, and you will learn and grow in your craft just as we all have. We are all beautiful enough, thin enough, skilled enough, young enough, etc…you are ALL good enough to cosplay and completely slay at any age, size, or skill level!!! This is not about competing with others to be better or have more followers on social media; it is about loving and building each other up while having loads of fun doing it!

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Kyber Knight’s Social Media:
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