Contacts for Cosplay 101 and Pinky Paradise Review

One of my favorite aspects of cosplay is getting to change my eye color by using contacts. It is a super awesome element that can really complete the transformation. Contacts are not something that you can do last minute though. You have to take care of your eyes, so knowing how to choose and use contacts properly before buying your first pair of circle lenses is a big deal. Keep reading for contacts for cosplay 101.

Thanks to Pinky Paradise for sponsoring me two random lenses to review. The lenses were free, but all opinions are honest and my own.

1. Go to the Eye Doctor

Yes,  you might think, that seems like overkill. It is definitely 100% the first thing you should do before buying contact lenses if you have never worn them before. As an optical engineer, I find eyes amazing because they are such an impressive optical system. There are so many things that could go wrong when using circle lenses, so seeing a doctor before popping a foreign object in your eye is crucial. Why?

  1. Can you wear contact lenses? Some people may be advised against wearing contacts. If your doctor advises against it then I strongly suggest you listen to them. I know colored contacts are fun, but your health and vision are your first priority. If you are worried about photos, well, changing eye color is one of the easiest Photoshop fixes.
  2. Learn your base curve. If the contact lenses you buy are super different from your base curve then they will cause a lot of discomfort, possibly even pain. My doctor gave me a range around my base curve, so I know what to look for when I’m buying.
  3. Get a prescription even if you don’t need prescription lenses. This might sound silly, but some contact lens sellers are requiring a prescription in order to buy from them due to federal regulations. Pinky Paradise is one of those companies. Plus, you will know if you need to get them to correct your vision at all.

2. Buy from a Reputable Source

There are people out there who are looking to just shell out bad products to earn a quick dollar, and those are the people you want to avoid. If you can’t find reviews from someone about a contact company you’re considering then proceed with caution.  Luckily, there are quite a few great lens sellers out there to buy from. Here is a list of just a few:

3. Take Care of Your Lenses

Once your lenses arrive you need to properly care for them. Making sure to take proper care of your lenses will make sure your eyes will be protected through the life of your lenses.

  • Take them out of the packaging and put them in contact solution for 24 hours prior to wearing them.
  • Examine the lenses for any scratches or tears before putting them in your eye. EVERY TIME YOU WEAR THEM.
  • Try on your lenses for an hour or two before long time use.
  • Mark the date on the lens case with the date you opened them, and understand the life expectancy of your lenses. Do not wear them if they are beyond the expiration.
  • Change out the solution every two weeks if you aren’t wearing them.
  • Make sure your hands are clean before handling your lenses or touching your eyes.
  • If there is anything wrong with them or something doesn’t feel right then it is probably time to get a new pair.

4. A Brief Review

Pinky Paradise sent me two different contact lenses to review. Every pair of lenses comes with a free cutie lens case to keep your lenses in. This makes it really convenient to have a safe place to store your lenses when you aren’t using them. They usually throw in a free gift of sorts with each order. They included a thing that is intended to hold hair out of your face for you. I have also received items intended for reducing circles under your eyes in the past. It’s a nice added bonus.

I received Feelcon Hazel and Messish Violet, which I think may be new because I couldn’t find them on their website. If this changes I will update with links to the product.

Feelcon Hazel

The diameter on these lenses was 14.20mm. My eyes are naturally hazel, so the diameter was important because these probably would be best for enhancing my natural color to pop more by making them look larger. The base curve was 8.60.

The case these came in was super easy to open, and I wish more circle lenses came in packaging like this.

Initially, I took these lenses out to make sure they weren’t inside out because they felt extremely scratchy on my eyes. Upon reinserting into my eye after inspection, I concluded they weren’t for me. I found them extremely uncomfortable to the point that I barely kept them in long enough to take the photos, which is probably why my eyes look like those of a mad women in the photos. The diameter was good. The color was not quite what I would call hazel, and it made my natural hazel look very brown rather than goldish green. It was also on the low end of my base curve range we talked about earlier, which may have caused some of the discomfort.

Messish Violet

The first thing I noticed was that these lenses were more transparent than color. Sometimes for a more natural look this is good, but for people with dark eyes like myself the more heavily colored lenses tend to give your eyes a more vibrant color change. The diameter on this lens was also 14.50mm, and the base curve was 8.90.

The packaging pictured is what I have most often received my lenses in. I have gotten used to opening these bottles, but be careful because I have cut myself on the metal before.

As I predicted, this color doesn’t pop on my eye color very well, but I do like them. They went in with minimal struggle, and were initially comfortable.  I would be willing to buy a pair of these to wear them for a cosplay in the future.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is do what is right for you. If you have any questions please ask. This isn’t something you want to mess around with. If you have additional tips for people, by all means, please leave it in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post. 


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