Sadie by Design

Hey guys, it’s Sadie! Welcome to my website. I cosplayed for the first time in July of 2014, and haven’t been able to stop. I started this website shortly afterwards to be a place to catalog my cosplay related adventures. Cosplay is still the primary focus of this blog, but I have since realized Sadie by Design as my personal brand, not just a “cosplay name.”

Engineer by day. Superhero by night.

During the day I work for a fiber optics company. I have a B.S. in Optical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I worked as an Applications Engineer for five years after college, and now, I am a Product Manager overseeing our specialty fiber optics products and assemblies.

Aside from engineering and cosplay, I have many other hobbies. I love running, cooking, drinking wine, photography, fashion, reading, travel, being a homeowner, spending time with Josh, and cuddling with my fur babies.

My ultimate goal is to inspire people. I love creating because it is where I find peace in the world, but I love sharing with people. All the hard work pays off when someone says that I brought a smile to their face or they really connected with something I did or said. I hope it makes them want to chase their own dreams. No matter what we aspire to be in the world we should always make sure that we have fun doing so, and do what we can to make dreams a reality.

“Make it happen. Make it fun.” -Matt Branam

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has pushed me to pursue my own dreams. A special thanks to my family. My mother for having inspired me through all of the hours she spent on every hand-made Halloween costume, even when I was in college. My father, for telling me I could be anything I decide. My brother for giving me ideas, and always telling me what I am doing is awesome. Josh for choosing to live with me and all the messes I make in the process, and still being in love with me when I take over the entire house with crafting supplies and glitter.

To everyone else, thank you for choosing to visit my small corner of the internet. I hope you leave here feeling like you can do anything!