Engineer by day. Superhero by night. Sadie has been cosplaying since July 2014, but has been 100% geek her entire life.

Sadie by Design is the life Sadie is building for herself outside of her day-to- day job as an engineer. The majority of her passion and energy can be seen in her costumes and photos.

When she isn’t busy cosplaying she is working on her house, off running an obstacle course race with Kelly, or seeking adventure.



I always had many answers to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Artist, doctor, actress, engineer, etc. More often than not princess or superhero were on that list, and finally, that dream is being brought to life.

My goal is to inspire people. The thing that makes all the hard work worth the effort is the smiles I get to see on the faces of people who admire my work, and I hope it makes them want to chase their own dreams. No matter what you aspire to be in the world make sure that you have fun doing so, and do what you can to make dreams a reality.  And always do handstands in coffee shops without hesitation.

“Make it happen. Make it fun.” -Matt Branam

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has pushed me to pursue my own dreams. A special thanks to my family. My mother for having inspired me through all of the hours she spent on every hand-made Halloween costume, even when I was in college. My father, for telling me I could be anything I decide. My brother for giving me ideas, and always telling me what I am doing is awesome.

An extra special shout out to Joe Everson of Joe’s Studio. You have been an intricate part of getting me to this stage in life, and my work would be nothing without your help.