2018 It’s All a Process

As I’m writing this I’m watching Willie edit photos on his Twitch stream, and he’s got me inspired. I’ve kind of been laying low coming into 2018 these past few weeks. It’s almost like that pause when you know you’re on the edge of great things, and you’re a bit scared to get past just dipping your toes in the water and diving in. There is a lot coming along in 2018, and it’s a bit overwhelming. I am ready though.

I read this article today that was great. It talked about how setting goals sometimes actually hinders us from getting things done. Remember how last year I said setting too many goals for myself sets me up for disappointment and failure? It was kind of reinforced that thought. The thing I liked about this article the most was it pretty much said if you want to accomplish your goals then you should focus more on the system that gets you there than the end game. This is why, I’ve contemplated goals on the horizon this year, but I’m acknowledging that the process is what is going to get me there. I want to enjoy the journey. So what is on the plate for 2018?

Wedding Bliss

If you didn’t already know I have been engaged for a while, and 2018 is the year we are tying the knot. I’m doing my best not to let it slow down our normal life, but if it comes down to it pulling off a successful wedding will be put above other priorities this year. If I don’t focus on the journey to the big day then it could be disastrous. No matter what, at the end of it all I will be a married to someone who loves and supports me through good and bad, and I am super excited!


Last year I really focused on getting back to doing cosplay for me. Starting off the year with shooting Sailor Moon was just absolutely the kick I needed to continue down this road. This year I want to focus on craftsmanship. This will include growing the skills I already know to challenging myself to learn new things. Every step of the way I want to be learning techniques that can be a part of my arsenal far beyond just finishing one costume.

A couple specific things I’d like to learn or improve this year:

  • Hand sewing
  • Wig styling
  • Armor fabrication
  • 3D printing
  • Airbrushing

Representation & Accountability

I really want to represent the best version of myself this year. This will mostly pertain to my online presence, but it can be applied to my everyday life as well. Mostly, I want to hold myself accountable to maintaining a schedule. I have some more set expectations here.

  • Try to have a YouTube each Monday, unless there was a convention, holiday, or emergency.
  • Blog at least once per week because it helps me keep things in perspective to reflect on what all is going on.
  • Start streaming live on Twitch again (soon). This just requires me to get the right setup, and start doing it.

Be Present

Be present. I, like most of the world, spend way too much time on social media. I will still use it for updates, but I want to do my best to spend less time staring at my screen this year. The less time I do that the more time I am living life. Experiencing things that I will actually care to remember more than just what someone’s update was on Facebook one day, or if you don’t care about my experience then I’ll at least have more to blog about. Ha!

I hope everyone has had a great 2018 so far, and if you’ve been kind of in a lull like me then it’s not too late to jump on board. What were some of your new years resolutions or goals for 2018? Leave a comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post!


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Kay Nymanreply
January 11 at 11:01 AM

I didn’t know you had a Twitch channel! I just followed. 🙂 I also stream (traditional art) and am working on nailing down a schedule. Looking forward to catching a stream of yours sometime! Your goals are great, best of luck in achieving them!

January 11 at 06:01 PM
– In reply to: Kay Nyman

I kind of tried to start it back before Dragon con, and then didn’t really have a plan. I enjoyed it though, and would like to get into it. I will find you on Twitch as well!

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