Split, Croatia

Well, once again I fell off the path for finally finishing up my Croatia posts, but there are just enough Throwback Thursdays left before Christmas to finish it up. It’s only a year later. Oh well.

One of the last things we had planned to do before leaving Croatia was to check out the city of Split. Dubrovnik was amazing, but very touristy due to the popularity from Game of Thrones. Split didn’t have us rushing around trying to do all of the tourist things, and we were able to just get lost in the city without any expectations. We were able to discover some pretty amazing things on our own.

Split, Croatia

There were too many good stories from this city in a short amount of time, so I will share a few of my favorites.

First, we found this statue. It’s hard to miss. This is Gregory of Nin. This statue is 28 feet tall, and pretty cool to stare at. His hands were the most mesmerizing part aside from the history behind the statue. He fought for masses to be performed in the native language rather than just Latin, which most native speakers did not understand.

My favorite part of the city itself was exploring the Cattedrale de San Domingo. I have a love of bell towers, and we were able to venture up into this one. There was a lot of history throughout the exploration of the church’s buildings since the city has been occupied over the course of its history by Egyptians and Romans, and many other cultures. We also happened to be there for Cesar himself to make an appearance in the square outside the cathedral.

We had lunch at a restaurant outside of the Temple of Jupiter that was probably the most authentic Croatian food we had while in the country. Or at least that’s what the lady at the shop boasted. Either way, it was one of my favorite meals, and I wish I could tell you what the name of the restaurant was called. Alas, I cannot, so just drool over the food as much as I am right now.

To end the night, we went to To Je To, the only craft beer joint to be found on our Croatian adventures. We went here in lieu of a brewery because most of those were in different cities. This did happen to feature many Croatian craft beers, which we had the pleasure of tasting.

Street Art of Split

The one thing that I really loved about Split was the art. There was art everywhere within the city, and the last thing I wanted to do was pay tribute to all of the beautiful artwork that we saw while wandering. Here are some of my favorites.


We did all purchase a painting from the last artist as a souvenir. Mine hangs above my bed. She was so sweet.

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