A Brief Layover in Germany

After our little winery side trip we made it back to Dubrovnik. For our last night in Croatia we went to Revelin, a night club in an old Fortress. It was amazing, and we only got a few hours sleep before our flight in the morning. I’m not going to bore you with more photos of Dubrovnik though since we already spent plenty of time there. Our flight landed in Munich where we had an eighteen hour layover, and we did not spend that time in the airport.

A Night in Munich

We had a great AirBNB host. After we met up with him, he informed us that he had a date, but he took us to an authentic German restaurant. It was so authentic he had to order for us before we left because they did not speak English. We had a true German feast, and we ate until we wanted to drop.

We met back up with our host after dinner to go out to some of the bars that evening. We were only in town for 18 hours, so we did our best to enjoy every second. The cool thing about our time in Munich was that we made friends from all over the world while we were out that night.

Morning Exploring the City

After a brief two hour nap, we woke up to explore the city before our morning flight. The best thing about waking up early to explore is the lack of people. The architecture was awesome, and I could have taken pictures forever of just that. The city also had amazing street art, and great character.

I was most excited to see the Glockenspiel. Unfortunately, we had to leave to catch our flight before the first chiming. Oh! Also, this pig that is exactly like the one in downtown Greenville!I fell in love with Munich in the brief time we were there, and I hope to go back one day to spend some actual time there.

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