Review sent me a costume from their website to review. I was really excited for the opportunity to review something for them. I am working my way through my ballgown for Belle, so I thought it was appropriate to have her town dress as well. Here is an honest review from a girl who’s so peculiar. This costume was provided for free, but all opinions are my own.

Before we begin… in case you missed it, here is the unboxing video. Also, I took and edited all of these photos myself! Base wig from Pose Wigs. Review

Website (5/5)

I just want to start by saying that I love their website. They have tons to choose from, and they also have a website that specializes in pirate outfits, My favorite part of their website is that they tell you what you will get with each costume, and what type of fabric each costume is made with. This is a big plus for me because sometimes photos aren’t always enough to tell you what you need to know about what you will be receiving.

Quality (5/5)

This costume is really more than I expected. The color is exactly how I would have made it, and the material is sturdy but comfortable. They actually included more than what was stated on the website (shirt, dress, and apron) because it came with a bow for her hair and a little underskirt to give it some volume. It fit me perfectly as well.

Shipping Time (3/5)

This is where they lost some points because it took them well over the timing given on their website for processing and shipping to arrive. I have actually had this costume for a bit of time, but since it did not arrive when I requested I was unable to have it ready for the events I was planning to wear it at. They do offer free shipping with their website though, and I do like that they tell you the processing time and shipping time for each item. I just don’t have confidence after my experience whether or not these would be upheld. It may be different for customer’s that are not getting a costume for free in exchange for a review.

Value (5/5)

Overall, I think their pricing is reasonable. This cotsume is $90. In order to make this costume myself I would probably be able to buy the fabric for under $50, but the hours I would have spent making it would make it worth it to purchase it at this price from this website. They also offer a custom sizing service for $27 (vairies depending on intricacy of the costume) if you don’t fit into their standard sizing. I feel like considering what you would pay a tailor to do this for you that is a steal.

If anyone buys from either of their websites in the future as a result of this post please share with me. If you could purchase a costume from these websites, which one would it be? If you have any feedback for my growing photography skills then I’d love to hear that too. Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post. 

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