Feature Friday: Bunnie Cosplay

LET DRAGON CON COMMENCE! Since we are in full fledged con mode now I thought it would be fun to showcase a cosplayer that you might find at the con this weekend. I definitely plan on meeting up with this local lady, and I hope you have fun getting to know her on here as I get to know her in person!

Daenerys photo by Josh Morse Photography

Bunnie Cosplay

What is your cosplay name? Bunnie, though I also go by Captain Bunnie and Merbunnie – the latter are my OC characters!

How did you come about your cosplay name? Bunnies are my favorite animals, and I thought it would be a cute name, so I modified it a bit to make it my own!

What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying? Venturing into the unknown on perilous quests while also studying the magical arts at Hogwarts.

How old are you? 23!

Fetch cosplay

How long have you been cosplaying? I’ve enjoyed dressing up and wearing costumes since I was 3, though I would say around age 12 was when I officially started cosplaying and attending conventions!

What made you want to start cosplaying? My best friend at the time who introduced me to anime also introduced me to cosplay, and it just looked like the most fun thing in the world!! I already loved dressing up so to find out there was a whole world and culture of dressing as your favorite characters was so incredible!!

Why do you continue to cosplay? I love the transformation of becoming anyone I want to be. It’s so much fun, and it’s a way of expressing myself in a creative way and helping with my shyness! I’ve made so many friends through cosplaying. I don’t plan on stopping even into my old age.

What is your dream cosplay? A very ornate mermaid OC cosplay using a silicone tail, or perhaps of Ariel such as the Couture de Force figure version of her!

Harley Quinn photo by Red Rayven Photography

How do you choose who you will cosplay? The cosplays I choose are a combination of different things. It could be I have a connection with the character, it is a character I think would be purely fun to dress as, or because it is very different from me as a person and it’s the excitement of transforming myself, or there may be components / design I think will be especially fun to make.

What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far? Why? Bayonetta! It is by far the cosplay I’ve worked the most on and I am so proud of how it came out!

Ryoku cosplay

Tell us about your Twitch channel. What is your favorite part about streaming? Streaming is somewhat new to me, I only just started streaming last year, and it’s already become such a huge part of my life! I do various activities for my streams that range from painting, to crafting, to playing games, to just hanging out and talking with people! Currently I am doing my first real playthrough of Skyrim and it is SO much fun. I also dress up as either a mermaid or pirate for every stream! My favorite part would be making new friends whether it be those watching or other streamers, meeting people from all over the world, and being a part of such awesome online communities.

Tifa photo by Josh Morse Photography

Meeting you at Dragon Con this week will be so much fun. What is your favorite part of Dragon Con/ What are you most looking forward to? I’m so excited as well. It’s going to be so much fun!! My favorite part of Dragoncon that I look the most forward to every year is hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and meeting so so many new awesome people! I also have the most bizarre, yet wonderful and amazing experiences and encounters at Dragoncon that don’t happen to me at any other conventions, which is one of the major reasons this convention is so special to me!

Misty photo by HT Mauney

What are the next big projects you will be working on? The next cosplay I will be working on is Alexa Bliss, a WWE wrestler, which I am so stoked about since I don’t see many WWE cosplays. I’m also currently debating between a few Horror themed cosplays since I love that genre and am HUGE into Halloween.

Who is your favorite cosplayer? This is a really hard one. Possible Olivia Mears because she made BEAUTIFUL pizza and Taco-BELLE themed cosplay dresses, and I think that’s the coolest thing. I really admire original / clever cosplays.

What’s the hardest thing about cosplay for you? Crafting is definitely the hardest for me just because there is always something new to learn and so many different methods for creating something –  it’s constantly trial and error for me.

Raven cosplay

What is the best advice you have for other cosplayers? Cosplay can definitely be stressful, but I make sure to not stress too hard if something doesn’t come out perfectly because I know it won’t and I know I did my best. I also am huge on not letting people put you down if you didn’t make every single little thing on your cosplay. There are many times I have to buy certain pieces, especially clothing components because as much as I love the crafting aspect I am not a seamstress and I will always be honest with what I made, didn’t make, and what I had help with. Just be sure no matter what that you are having fun with it!!

Top 5 resources/tutorials you have found for cosplay help? Youtube, asking other cosplayers how they made something, cosplay forums.

I really am so excited for Dragon Con. If you are around be on the lookout for Bunnie and I! Make sure to check out Bunnie’s social media before you go. Leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post!

Bunnie Cosplay’s Social Media:
Twitch: Bunnie Live
Facebook: Merbunnie
Instagram: @captainbunnie
DeviantArt: Merbunnie
Twitter: @Merbunnie

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