Feature Friday: Charles Logan Photography

Happy Friday! I have so many blog posts planned, but everything has essentially been put on hold for Dragon Con crunch time. Meanwhile, my friend Logan is an awesome photographer, and I’ve been asking him to be a feature on my page forever now. I live pretty far away from my family, and over the past three years he has become like my South Carolina little brother. Read more about him while I figure my crap out for next week.

Charles  Logan Photography

What is your photography name? Charles Logan Photography

What is your name? Charles Logan H. Williams

What do you do when you do when you aren’t behind the lens? Game, and workout mostly.

How old are you? 21 years senile.

When did you first decide to become a photographer? When I picked up a camera, and said, “Oh, neat!”

Kat Stoneback at Campbell’s Covered Bridge.

What made you want to be a photographer? I like taking pictures because it captures a tiny moment in time where all the right factors aligned. Light, posture, fashion, mood, attitude, action.

Tell us about your photography style. I kind of just throw caution to the wind, and then shoot until I figure out what works best. Each shoot I completely relearn my equipment, and it builds throughout the session.

What is your weapon/camera of choice? Canon EOSM MK II, Typically on a 30mm or 50mm lens.

What is your favorite cosplay photograph you have taken? Princess Mononoke, hands down. It was something that I had been anticipating for ages. The costume looked amazing, and we picked a great forested remote area to shoot.

Princess Mononoke at Wildcat Wayside

What is your favorite photograph you have ever taken? Well I don’t really have titles for my photos but it is of a friend of mine named Kat, who I am sure you are familiar with. It was taken inside Taylors Mill. The way the light hits her face is just perfect to me. She has such a longing in her face; it’s almost ethereal.

Katherine Waycaster at Due South Coffee

What is your biggest challenge as a photographer? Deciding what to charge people if they want to buy my services. I often don’t charge enough for a session that takes me hours shooting/editing.

Who are the biggest inspirations/influencers in your photography? Joe’s Studio

What is the best advice you have for models as a photographer? Laugh, it’s the best genuine unforced smile you can give.

Pokethug at Spartanburg Skate Park

What is the best advice you have for aspiring photographers? Don’t get attracted to a price tag, just cause it costs a lot doesn’t mean you will shoot masterpieces with it. Buy a camera you feel like you can learn on.

Anything else you’d like to add? Invest in real-estate.

He has grown so much since I first met him, not just as a photographer, but as a person, too. Make sure you check out his social media below. Leave a comment for both of us, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post.

Charles Logan Photography’s Social Media:
Instagram: @grizzlywilliams
Facebook: Charles Logan Photography
Logan looks at dogs: @loganlooksatdogs

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