Dragon Con 2017 Cosplay Lineup

I can’t believe it is here already. It seems that yesterday was my first Dragon Con, and there is no way a year has passed since then. Here we are though, and I’m ready! We are heading down around 10AM tomorrow morning, and I wish I could just leave now. Alas, I have my big project to finish when I get home, so one more day of waiting.

One thing you don’t have to wait for is my cosplay lineup as I finally have it set in stone. I learned my lesson last year, and won’t be taking nearly as many costumes. On top of less costumes, I also won’t be bringing that many “serious” cosplays, if you will. My costumes this year will be geared toward having fun and being comfortable. Without further ado, here is my lineup for 2017 Dragon Con:

Pool Party Vader

My friend throws a pool party each year. Last year was superhero themed, and this year is sci-fi. I found this bikini top from Hot Topic, and accessorized accordingly. Pics to come!

Image source: Nerdist

Supergirl: Rebirth

I am uncertain on my ability to finish boot covers for this tonight, but I will be bringing her for Friday regardless. It’s only fitting that I wear my main girl to one of my favorite conventions, especially since I have this new version of her.

Supergirl credit DC Comics

Fandom Tailgate: Sailor Moon

Friday evening we are throwing a tailgate party. No, not for football, for Dragon Con! Why should sports fans be the only people to reap the benefits of a tailgate? Instead of our favorite sports teams we will be sporting our favorite fandoms. I’m really happy how this outfit turned out. It might get worn more than one evening.

Keyblade Warrior Cinderella

I love Avery Ota’s artworrk, so when we decided to do a Kingdom Hearts group I had to pick one of her designs. This will be my big debut costume for Saturday afternoon and Night at the Aquarium.

Original Artwork by Avery Ota

Casual Snow White

I had a different costume planned, but it didn’t arrive in time. Kat of AK Cosplay Creations and I will be doing casual princesses to stroll around on Sunday.

Snow White credit Disney

Mystery Cosplay

I will have one cosplay for Sunday evening that will go unannounced because I need the element of surprise for one individual. I’ll post pictures on my various forms of social media when the deed is done.

Who all is going to Dragon this weekend? Contact me through one of my social media accounts if you want to try and meet up. I have a running list of people I want to run into. Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post!


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