100 Blog Post Ideas for Cosplay Bloggers

Everyone gets writers block occasionally. Something I’ve noticed is cosplay blogging hasn’t exactly earned its own niche in the blogging community even though we are a rather significant community that is consistently growing. One thing that I find frustrating is when I find myself lacking in ideas for a post I can only find lists out there for standard blogs. A lot of these can be adapted for any niche, but I find that it always helps to have a more narrow idea to help get that inspiration flowing.

Do you see where this is going yet? I finally read through a couple lists the other day, and it hit me that the reason a list specific to my blogging niche doesn’t exist is because no one had created one yet. Thus is born the 100 blog post ideas for cosplay bloggers list. I hope this helps other people. I know I already have a lot of new ideas brewing just from doing this exercise.

100 Blog Post Ideas for Cosplay Bloggers

This list is in no particular order. If I have done similar posts I have tried to link to them as examples.

1. Your personal Geeky Origins Story

2. Why do you cosplay?

3. First cosplay experience.

4. Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

5. Explaining cosplay to loved ones and/or coworkers. 

6. Common terms to know. 

7. Con Haul. People love knowing what fun geeky stuff you can get and where to get it at. Cons have some of the most unique merchandise in the world, and it’s always fun to see what others are buying!

8. Share your convention experience

9. Cosplay themed poem.

10. Blog Series. Do you know an exorbitant amount of information or experience on one subject? Chances are you could help someone out with all that knowledge and info you’re keeping to yourself. Sharing in a blog series rather than one really long blog post can be extremely helpful to people.

11. Personal relationship with a character you’ve cosplayed.

12. 10 cosplay commandments.

13. 7 deadly sins of cosplay. 

14. Embed a videoA lot of cosplayers also vlog. YouTube provides endless resources and entertainment for cosplayers, and a blog post to help others find them is always useful.

15. If you ran a convention…

16. Coping with con crunch. 

17. Favorite phone apps for cosplay. 

18. Favorite music playlist for con crunch. 

19. Local events. Believe it or not there are tons of local cosplay events that aren’t necessarily conventions such as Free Comic Book Day, Halloween Parties, Batman Day, and many more.

20. Cosplay for charity (“Causeplay”). Did you know there are many ways cosplay can be used to make the world a better place? A lot of people still don’t, and if you are part of a local chapter of real life superheroes then sharing your experience can help people realize how they too can make a difference.

21. What do you do when you’re not in cosplay? 

22. Host a contest/ giveaway. 

23. Monthly small goals. 

24. Monthly small goals check-in. 

25. Interview. Breezeeweezee and I both started doing Feature Fridays around the same time. It’s a great way to show your love and support for other talented cosplayers and those in the cosplay community.

26. Guest post. Have another cosplayer help you out with writing a few posts. It’s always nice to have a change in perspective.

27. Costume breakdown. 

28. Tutorial. Didn’t document your entire costume build? No fear. Maybe you took planyt of pictures on how you made one specific piece. Step-by-step tutorials on literally anything are great stand alone resources.

29. Upcoming cosplay plans. 

30. Upcoming convention plans. 

31. Cosplay Bucket List. We all have them. How long is your list?

32. Dream cosplay project. If time and money were not obstacles what project would you take on?

33. Convention Bucket List. 

34. Character inspired OOTD. Think Disney-bounding. Geek Chic.

35. Infographic. These things are the best, and if you’re graphic design inclined these are really fun when cosplay related.

36. Cos-disasters. Did you have your breast plate fall off at a convention? Did your dress get stuck in the escalator? These are true stories from friends, and sometimes sharing the big OOPS of our cosplay experience lets us know we aren’t alone.

37. Cosplay FAQ. 

38. Favorite cosplayers who ____

39. Cosplay pet peeves. 

40. Share photos in an album post from a recent photoshoot.

41. Are you selling anything? What’s for sale?

42. Non-cosplay post. Maybe this is cheating, but I like to share experiences from life in general. I feel like it shows people the full story.  

43. Praise for your cosplay photographer. 

44. How to pose for cosplay photos? 

45. Sponsored post. Believe it or not, there are quite a few cosplay and geeky companies out there that will sponsor you to promote their products and give honest reviews.

46. Showcase a list of cosplayers who have cosplayed the same character you have cosplayed. 

47. Why did you start blogging? 

48. What sets your cosplay blog apart from the rest? 

49. TV show review. There are tons of tv shows out there designed specifically for geeky, nerdy, cosplaying audiences. Have you watched one recently? Your audience might be waiting for a reliable opinion before binging their next show on Netflix.

50. Best shows to binge while con crunching. 

51. Panel ideas you’d love to sit in on. 

52. Summary/ overview of panels you give at conventions. 

53. List of best panels you’ve attended. 

54. Closet cosplay. Create a cosplay using only items you have available in your house. Get the audience involved by letting them choose the character for you.

55. Best place to buy… This could be anything from wigs, to spandex superhero costumes, to contacts. Reliable and recommended cosplay resources are always helpful.

56. Where do you make your cosplay? 

57. How do you stay inspired? 

58. Workload management. What types of tools and methods do you use to tackle a project?

59. How do you balance cosplay with everyday life?

60. Fitness routine for… superhero abs, cosplay booty, princess posture. Going to the gym isn’t just for athletes, and maybe you have a twist that makes it fun for cosplayers who hate exercise.

61. Compare your cosplay to the original character design or artwork.

62. Ask me anything.

63. Ask your followers for their opinion.

64. Makeup guide.

65. Quotes. Cosplayers have a lot of good and inspirational things to say to other cosplayers. Get a list together of quotes from your favorites.

66. Poll/ Survey/ Quiz.

67. Challenge. Create a month long Instagram challenge or cosplay related challenge for your readers to take part in.

68. Cosplaying on a limited budget.

69.  How to budget for cosplay and conventions. 

70. Geeky Tag. There are plenty of fun geeky tags out there to write posts on already. If you don’t find one that suits your blog maybe it’s time to take #67’s advice and create your own.

71. Holiday themed cosplay. 

72. How does cosplay positively impact you?  

73. I wish I had known… Maybe you had a bad experience that could have been avoided if you had only known ___ ahead of time. Share this with your audience, so you can help them from making the same mistakes.

74. Cosplay hacks.  Amazingly simple tricks that make cosplay easier for everyone.

75. How to market your cosplay.

76. Social media guide for cosplay. It just might be that you know how to turn an Instagram from boring to the most popular source for followers. Or maybe you’ve got Facebook’s algorithms beat. Everyone wants the secrets, and if you’ve got the know-how people will listen.

77. How to work with photographers. 

78. Cosplay etiquette. 

79. What is your biggest cosplay fear? 

80. Wishlist. Create a list of items that would help you make dreams a reality. If your readers want to help support you then they now know where to look.

81. Best books for cosplayers. 

82. A-Z list of… Cosplayer Instagrams, Facebooks, places to buy wigs, fabrics to use…

83. What is the hardest thing about cosplay for you? 

84. Important lessons learned from cosplay.

85. Appreciation post for your biggest fans. 

86. Reach out to the experts. Maybe you have a personal relationship with a armor building expert? Anyone who is an expert on anything is a valuable source of information for the rest of us just relying on Google. Sharing what a talented friend or mentor has to say with others could help them gain access to information that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

87. How to create a cosplay emergency kit. 

88. I can’t cosplay without… 

89. 101 style post. This could be on just about any subject cosplay related. Wigs 101. Circle lenses 101. Buying cosplay online 101. Cosplay 101.

90. ComissionsShare a story about your cosplay comissions from how to get them, to making them, to final pictures of them.

91. Cosplay or related product review. 

92. Myth vs. Fact. 

93. Checklist. Cosplay build checklist. Convention packing checklist. You get the idea.

94. Freebies. Got a great checklist already designed in a PDF? Everyone loves freebies they can download. Or maybe you’re sending out free Valentine’s cards to anyone who wants one? FREE STUFF IS THE BEST.

95. Share a funny cosplay memory. 

96. Talk about why you will never cosplay as ____.  

97. Write a personal letter to read to yourself in five years. This could be non-cosplay related, but if you have long-term cosplay goals it might be fun to write a letter to your future self to return to in five years.

98. Cosplay trends. Write about the character trends you’re seeing for that year. Forecast says I will be able to spot at least 100 new Wonder Woman cosplayers before the end of 2017.

99. Create your own list of cosplay blog post ideas. 

100. Controversial post. Pick a topic that is widely argued about in the cosplay community, and state your personal opinions on it.

There you have it. 100 blog post ideas for cosplay bloggers. I definitely have even more ideas that I have thought of just while writing this post, but for sake of “simplicity” I’m going to leave it at 100. Do you have ideas for blog posts as well? Share them below! Did this post inspire you to write a new post? Make sure to send me a link, so I can read it! Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post! 

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