Feature Friday: Stellara Nebula Cosplay

Around last year I decided to start telling people when I had something nice to say about them instead of keeping it to myself or telling someone else what I thought. It’s a great way to brighten unlikely people’s days, and I’ve also made a lot of great acquaintances by doing so. One of the people I have met through this process has been Alliyah, and she is just great. You have to understand that Alliyah is super tall, and she carries herself with a very regal presence. Of course, I just had to tell her this, and I’ve been so happy to be able to chat with her and follow her cosplay since meeting her.

Photo by Shinrei Photography

What is your cosplay name? Stellara Nebula

How did you come about your cosplay name? I really love astronomy, so I wanted my cosplay name to have something to do with outer space. So I looked up a bunch of space terms and found Stellara. Which I though was cute since it looks like stellar. And I randomly decided to add Nebula with gave it to give it a nice ring. I love my name since it’s so unique as well.

What is your real world name? Alliyah nesbitt

What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying? When I’m not cosplaying I’m mostly working or thinking of fun things to do for my cosplay page. I host giveaways and I’ve been putting my youtube together for a while. Having a youtube would be fun cause I don’t have to leave home or do anything that would require long distances.

How old are you? I’m 17 and I turn 18 on August 4th.

How long have you been cosplaying? I’ve been cosplaying for about 3 years. I started cosplaying my freshman year. My first convention was banzaicon 2014 when it was still in the hotel. I remember being so anxious of seeing all these awesome cosplays and me being a beginner.

What made you want to start cosplaying? My friends from middle school got me into cosplaying. They always went to conventions and they would always ask me if I wanted to come. Then they would show me these cool pictures of cosplayers which made me want to try it out.

Why do you continue to cosplay? I continue to cosplay because it gives me a break from life. It gives me time to just let loose and experience things. Cosplay also helps me with my social anxiety. When I’m in cosplay I feel like another person. I have more determination to meet new people.

Do you mostly buy your costumes or make them? Why? I mostly buy my costumes because I really don’t have the time or space to worry on a huge cosplay project. I only have my really crowded room to work in. If I’m going to sew I need space and organization. I have made 2 Props recently, which are my wings for godoka and blood arm for seras. It was really a challenge with not having enough space but I mapped everything out and made it work.

What is your dream cosplay? My dream cosplay is reina from witchblade. Her cosplay is so complex and has so many pieces.

How do you choose who you will cosplay? I try to choose characters that I can relate to in some way so I can actually feel like I am this character.

What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far? Why? My favorite cosplay I’ve done so far has to be my seras Victoria. Every Time I cosplay her I get so many compliments and I truly feel like seras and I have a lot in common.

Photo by Shinrei Photography

Who is your favorite cosplayer?  My favorite cosplayer is jannet vinogradova. She cosplays all of the characters I wish I could cosplay and her wig styling skills are amazing.

What is your favorite convention? My favorite convention has to be Anime weekend atlanta. The size is awesome and you get to meet cosplayers from all around the coast.

What is your dream convention? My dream convention is San Diego comic con. I really enjoy comic cons more than anime cons. And a lot of celebrities go to this con.

Photo by Sharpshooter Photography

What’s the hardest thing about cosplay for you? The hardest thing in cosplay is dealing with rude and judgmental cosplayers. It is expected to run into them every once in awhile, and it’s hard to just ignore them. You have to keep your head up and be proud of yourself.

What is the best advice you have for other cosplayers? Stay true to yourself and keep making progress. There is no such thing as being perfect.

Do you have any cosplay suggestions for Alliyah? She pulls off so many characters so well. Follow all her social media before you go. Leave a comment for both of us, and don’t forget to subscribe via email or Bloglovin‘ to never miss a post!

Stellara Nebula’s Social Media:
Facebook: Stellara Nebula Cosplay
Website: www.stellaranebula.weebly.com
Instagram: @stellaranebulacosplay

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