My Favorite Cosplay Blogs

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, and something that I’ve learned from blogging is that blogs are pretty much unlimited. If you search for almost any subject you can probably find a blog on it.

Cosplay blogging is a surprisingly large niche in the blogging community itself, and I’ve met quite a few great ladies that I really draw inspiration from. It has given new meaning to the idea of “virtual friends,” and I’m so greatful to be a part of such a great community.

I follow more blogs than I would like to admit, but today I wanted to showcase my five favorite cosplay bloggers. Now, a lot of people that are whithin the nerdy and geeky blogging community cosplay, but these ladies have blogs that are cosplay-centric like my own.

Breezeeweezee Cosplay 

Ninetails photo by Capertured Photography

This girl. Let me tell you. We have never met in real life, but I feel like she would go to the ends of the earth to keep me sane. I love having someone that has never met me who I’ve been able to kindle such an easygoing friendship with. She also started Feature Friday on her blog about a week ahead of when I started mine, and she hits a lot of different cosplayers than I do. Make sure you check her out.

Kyla is Inspired

Aurora photo by Skowalz

I had been occasionally reading Kyla’s blog a little over a year ago, and unintentionally bumped into her IRL at PAX East 2016. I was fangirling over her Princess Peach cosplay, and we didn’t know until after the show that we had both read each other’s blogs before accidentally meeting! Kyla does art as well, but as a cosplayer one can seriously appreciate her cosplay breakdowns that she does of her work process.

Ginny Di

Cinderella cosplay and photo by Ginny Di

I haven’t had any personal conversations with Ginny, but she is so inspring. Our “introduction” comes through a cosplay community that is designed to help cosplayers help each other to grow their following without the generic Like4Like. She also offers tons of advice on growing yourself through her blog. She is simple, thorough, and dedicated to detail. If you’re looking for someone who won’t skip the important stuff then you’ll want to look here.

The Geeky Seamstress

Sailor Jupiter Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

A force to be reckoned with. This lady is crazy, in a good way, of course. Seriously though, she does so many commissions! ALL THE COMMISSIONS. She has great notes on all of her own costumes, as well as tips for aspiring commissioners. I always look forward to what she has to say, and her next project. I admire the fact that she still finds time for her own costumes among all of the ones she makes for other people.

Meru Cosplay

Fujiko Mine photo by Obtuse Photo

This is my *nudge nudge hint hint* write more because people want to hear from you shout out. Meru found me via the internet, but we quickly found out that we live rather close to each other. I have a secret dream/need to cosplay with her someday. Her portfolio is stunning, and her Sailor V is to die for.

Go check all these lovely ladies out, and follow them on Bloglovin’. What are some of your favorite blogs? Share some with me below in the comments. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. Don’t forget to follow via email or Bloglovin’ to never miss a post. 

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February 06, 2017 at 07:02 PM

Wow look at all these lovely ladies! I follow quite a few of then but I’m going to have to check out the two I haven’t 🙂 Thanks for including me in this!

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