Selfie Sunday: March 15, 2015

I skipped last week because I ran a Spartan instead. So much for planning ahead on that one.


  1. This year I’m planning on running/earning a double Trifecta.
  2. I love playing with makeup, but I feel prettiest and most like myself when I’m not wearing any at all.
  3. When I tell people I work with fiber optics I absolutely cringe when I get asked if I mean like the Christmas trees? But seriously, that really happens. Fiber optic internet, people. The way of the future.
  4. Talking is easy. Talking about myself is really hard.
  5. I’m currently working on breaking the college kid habit of being cheap, and learning how to invest in nice things that are worth the money.
  6. someday, I will travel to Brazil. It will be awesome.

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